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Gold Coast Blocked Drains

Commercial Blocked Drains Gold Coast

Blocked Drain Technicians in Gold Coast QLD
100% Drain Cleaning Satisfaction Guarantee | Gold Coast Blocked Drains
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Gold Coast

Commercial Plumbers Gold Coast

When it comes to operating a business—especially restaurants, cafés, hotels, etc.—free-flowing plumbing is crucial. So, when a drain becomes blocked, it can get messy and smelly, causing an unpleasant experience for your guests and customers. That’s where we come in. At Gold Coast Blocked Drains, we clear drains, toilets and sewer/ stormwater drains for commercial, strata and body corporate clients. Our plumbers use state-of-the-art equipment to promptly locate and clear blocked drains. No matter where your blockage is located, or what’s causing it, we’ll have your pipe repaired or replaced in no time.

To book a blocked drain or plumbing service on the Gold Coast, get in touch with us on 1300 433 585. We provide fixed-price quotes and don’t charge call out fees. We’re also available 24/7 for emergencies.

We Offer Same-Day Repairs — Professional Blocked Drain Plumber, QLD

Why choose Gold Coast Blocked Drains?

We are always upfront and honest with our pricing. We operate a fixed pricing model so you always know how much something is going to cost before we start work. And we don’t charge call-out fees either. So the price we quote is the price you’ll pay.

Never trust a tradesman that refuses to give you an upfront quote first. It is the tradesmen’s professional responsibility to assess the problem and put forward a solution. You should not have to pay for their mistakes or lack of knowledge and equipment.

All our plumbers are qualified and licensed to operate in Queensland. This not only ensures we have the right skills to fix the job the first time. It also ensures we have adequate professional indemnity insurance in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

This is the reason you should always ensure any plumber or tradesman you work with has the right skills and qualifications to do the job. A tradesman without adequate insurance could leave you high and dry.

We are an independent family-owned business that has been supporting businesses in the Gold Coast area since 1999. During that time we have earned a reputation for being upfront and honest with our customers.

As a result, many of our clients have been using us for several years, with most of our new businesses coming from word of mouth. So if you are looking for a reliable, honest and upfront plumber to fix your commercial blocked drain, get in touch today for a FREE quote.

We have invested in the latest state-of-the-art drain and stormwater pipe inspection equipment. This allows us to quickly inspect the drain to locate the location of the blockage and remove it quickly without causing any further damage.

Our equipment includes remote CCTV cameras that can be fed down the drain to quickly locate the blockage and assess the damage. And high-pressure water pumps that can be precisely controlled to remove blockages without damaging the sewer drain lining.

Having the best equipment is useless if you don’t know how to use it. That’s why we invest heavily in both practical and knowledge-based training to make sure our plumbers remain at the top of their game.

Each of our plumbers takes part in regular continuing professional development courses. This ensures they have the right mix of skills and experience to repair modern plumbing and stormwater drainage systems of all types.

We know that drains become blocked at the most inopportune moments. The day before a major product launch or 5 p.m. just before closing time. These are the favourite times for drains to become blocked.

That’s why our professional plumbers are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we don’t charge a call-out fee no matter what time of day it is. So you’ll know exactly how much it’s going to cost.

Plumbing Process

By using a high-pressure water jetter and CCTV camera, we are able to locate and clear any blockages quickly and effectively. This is far easier and effective than digging up the pipes, which is more time-consuming and expensive. Ready to go? Get in touch with us on 1300 433 585 to book.

Take a look at our service process below:

Quote form - Expert Blocked Drain Plumbers QLD

Step 1
Free Fixed-price quote

We arrive at your business, assess the situation, and provide an upfront fixed price quote.

Hydro Jetting sewer cleaning method

Step 2
Non-Invasive Leak Detection

We use thermal imaging and CCTV drain cameras to locate the blockage or breakage.

A snake camera checks the inside of a sewer drain — Professional Blocked Drain Plumber, QLD

Step 3
Finding The Leak

The CCTV camera presents an image of the blockage or breakage.

Split and blocked drain pipe caused by ingress of tree roots — Gold Coast Blocked Drains

Step 4
Pipe Repair & Replacement

Once the blockage or breakage is located, we determine whether the pipe needs to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.

Gold Coast Blocked Drains

Servicing Entire Gold Coast Area

For a reliable team of plumbers specialising in blocked drains and leak detection, look no further than Gold Coast Blocked Drains. We specialise in all kinds of blocked drains including sewer drains, blocked toilets and stormwater drains. Servicing Commercial & Residential.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have unlocked a lot of drains over the years so we know a thing or two about how to prevent them. Most drain blockages are preventable. So here are our tips to prevent blocked drains.

Use sink strainers – These low-cost mesh sieves are placed over the plughole to prevent foreign objects such as waste food from being flushed down the sink.

Dispose of waste grease properly – Waste cooking oil and fat congeals when it cools down forming a watertight barrier in the drain. Pour waste oil and fat into a sealed plastic container and place it in the general waste bin.

Be careful what toiletries you flush away – Some toiletries such as sanitary towels and wet wipes expand when wet and don’t decompose. Avoid flushing these items away and place them in a sanitary bin by the toilet instead.

There is a risk that high-pressure water jets will damage the lining of your drain. This will significantly weaken the structure and may cause it to collapse. So you should leave pressure washing to a professional plumber.

A good plumber will always assess the condition of the drain to see if it’s suitable for pressure washing before using this method. Alternative methods are available if the condition of the drain is such that pressure washing can’t be used.

You may wish to try to clear a blockage yourself. A simple sink or toilet blockage shouldn’t require the services of a plumber. Try mixing one part baking soda with two parts white vinegar and pour it down the sink when it starts fizzing.

However, a blocked sewer drain will require more specialist equipment. In this case, attempting to unblock it yourself with a pressure washer or DIY drain rods may result in damage to the drain lining. If in doubt, always consult with a professional plumber.

A blocked drain may not be immediately obvious, but it will slowly get worse to the point water is flooding into your business. So the sooner you can recognise the problem, the better.

Here are three signs you have a blocked drain:

The toilet backing up – The most obvious sign of a blocked drain is the toilet backing up when flushed. Toilets should clear within a few seconds and the water in the bowl should remain clear.

There’s a foul smell – Another obvious sign is a foul smell emitting from the bathroom or kitchen sink. This is usually down to the build-up of fat or grease. Try clearing it by pouring white vinegar down the sink, leave for 30 minutes then flush with warm water.

A funny gurgling sound – Do your plugholes make a funny gurgling sound when you run the tap? This is a sign that water is struggling to get through. Try pouring a mixture of 1 part baking soda and 1 part vinegar down the plughole to clear it.