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Gold Coast Blocked Drains

Blocked Toilets Gold Coast

Blocked Drain Technicians in Gold Coast QLD
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Gold Coast

Toilet Unclogging

Is your toilet making gurgling or sucking noises within the pipes after you flush? Is water just sitting in the toilet bowl and not draining away? The solution to both these problems is Gold Coast Blocked Drains. Our licensed plumbers unblock toilets for residential, commercial, strata and body corporate clients. When it’s a minor block, usually a plunger will clear it. But for major blocks, you need a professional. We carry the necessary tools and equipment to identify and clear common (and uncommon) blockages found in toilets.

Call us today on 1300 433 585 for a fixed-price quote on our blocked drain and plumbing services on the Gold Coast. We don’t charge call out fees and we’re also available 24/7 for emergencies 

We Offer Same-Day Repairs — Professional Blocked Drain Plumber, QLD

Our Services

Professional Blocked Drain Plumber

Professional Toilet Unclogging

Our simple, step-by-step process is as follows:

Toilet clogged isometry — Professional Blocked Drain Plumber, QLD

Step 1

Assess The Issue

We arrive at your home or business and assess the toilet.

Push-rod Camera Monitor — Professional Blocked Drain Plumber, QLD

Step 2

CCTV Drain Inspections

We insert a flexible push-rod camera into the toilet to locate the blockage.


Step 3

Analyse The Issue

We analyse the data (our CCTV camera provides a live video feed).

Plumber at work in a bathroom — Professional Blocked Drain Plumber, QLD

Step 4

Fix The Issue

Once we know where and what the blockage is, we will determine what is required in order to clear it.

Clearing a toilet is a time-sensitive manner. That’s why we’re proud to provide a quick and efficient solution. Speak to our experienced plumbers today by calling 1300 433 585 to book. Our prices are highly competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions
If your toilet won’t flush this could be due to a number of different problems. It could be the result of a problem with the toilet flush mechanism, or there could be a blockage in the drain line.
Typically you should only be flushing human waste and toilet paper down your toilet. Anything else may not dissolve properly and could cause a blockage. It’s also important to avoid using harsh chemicals or drain cleaning agents as these can damage your pipes.
If your toilet is overflowing, or you’ve noticed wastewater leaking onto the ground it could be because of a blockage in your drain line. It’s important to call an emergency plumber as soon as possible so that they can detect and resolve the problem before any serious damage occurs.