Blocked Drains


Sewer Pipes

Your responsibility ends at the junction of the main sewer (the council’s responsibility), whether it is on your property or not!

Storm water pipes

Your responsibility ends at the street gutter or connection to the council’s common drain.
Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Sewer pipes

Tree roots, fat, grease, sanitary products, paper, toys, broken pipes or fittings, blockage in the council’s main sewer.

Storm water pipes

Tree roots, leaves, silt, broken or squashed pipes

Other drains

Fat, grease, hair, soap, sand, body grime

We’re experts in detecting water leaks across the Gold Coast.

We use the very latest equipment to detect, locate and repair your leaking water pipes quickly and professionally. We have located and repaired hundreds of water leaks on the Gold Coast. Gold Coast Blocked Drains can handle all sorts of water leakage issues. Our Gold Coast plumbers can repair any pipe damage caused by bursting water. We will ensure all your pipes are well protected and replace any defective pipes with long lasting durable ones.

To prevent further damage, we check other pipes to see if they need maintenance, and survey the surrounding area for any further water damage.

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