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Are your drains making strange noises? Do you have unpleasant smells coming from your bathroom’s drainage? That’s when it’s time to get in touch with the licensed plumbers at Gold Coast Blocked Drains! Our expert team has been servicing homes, businesses and body corporate properties all throughout Helensvale for more than 20 years.

Our plumbers can assist you with a wide range of plumbing solutions, including everything from unblocking toilets and unclogging stormwater drains to inspecting your pipes for corrosion. Better yet, we attend to blocked drains 24/7 and don’t charge for call outs—even if it’s at midnight! Ready to get started? Contact our friendly team today on 1300 433 585 for your free quote.

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Water Drain on Cement Road — Blocked Drain Services In Helensvale, QLD
Drain cover floor drain from modern shower — Blocked Drain Services In Helensvale, QLD

Plumbing & Drainage Gold Coast

From Westfield Helensvale to Saltwater Creek, our qualified plumbers provide an extensive variety of plumbing services in Helensvale. We can proudly help you with:

And much more!

Tried removing blockages by yourself but to no avail? You may be dealing with a tree root invasion! Thankfully, our professional team can blast away tree roots with our heavy-duty pressure cleaners without digging up your yard. We can even reline your pipes if they’ve been damaged! Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

Blocked / Clogged Drains

Kitchen sinks, toilets, sewer and stormwater drains—our plumbers can clear away blockages in almost anything in Helensvale. We offer same-day servicing!

Emergency 24/7 Blocked Drains

Up late and noticed your toilet is bubbling? Our expert plumbers are available to clear blocked drains 24/7 throughout Helensvale. We also don’t charge call out fees—even if you need us at 2am!

Blocked Sewer Drains

Whether your sewer drains in Helensvale are clogged with grease, hair or food waste, you can count on our professional team to have them flowing regularly again with our heavy-duty pressure washers.


Got a bad smell coming from your toilet or bathroom drain? This could mean you have a blocked toilet! Fortunately, we clear minor and major blockages all throughout Helensvale.

CCTV Drain Inspection

Our experienced plumbers can inspect your drains in Helensvale for blockages, damages, corrosion and more with our CCTV cameras. We can even reline your drains if they’re in need of repairs.

Blocked Stormwater Drains

Whether your stormwater drains in Helensvale are clogged with sand, leaves, bark or mulch, you can count on our expert team to clear them thoroughly to prevent rainwater from backing up.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few possible reasons for a kitchen sink to drain slowly. It could be that there is something blocking the drain, such as food particles or grease. It could also be that the pipes are partially clogged with sediment.

There are several ways that you can prevent your shower drains from getting clogged. One way is to install a drain cover over the drain to keep hair and other debris from going down the drain. Another way is to clean the drain regularly with a plunger or snake to remove any build-up of debris. Finally, you can pour boiling water down the drain once a week to help dissolve any build-up of soap scum or grease.